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 In the News... 

Consultations take place once or twice a year. There is one in the south and sometimes one in the north of England.

The date for our 2019 consultation at Kings college is not yet fixed. Watch this space!

The times are: 10 am - 3.30pm at £50 per head.

These are important get togethers to network, share successes and challenges and review skills and strategies.




A Facilitators Course will take place

MONDAY 15th to THURSDAY 18th JULY (under twelves), FRIDAY 19TH JULY  - (one day adaptation for  12+)

   Kings College, London, Denmark Hill Campus.


 We are also able to arrange bespoke in house training.

 Frequently Asked Questions 
  • When does the Course start and finish?
    Participants need to arrive at 9.45am. You'll register and get a chance to meet your fellow partipants over coffee and biscuits. Courses start at 10.00am sharp. There is a lunch break scheduled around midday. We provide refreshments in the afternoon break. Courses finish by 4.00pm.  back to top

  • What is the dress code for the Course?
    There is no dress code for the Course. The courses are meant to be fun and relaxing as well as giving you the best training. Most people who attend feel most comfortable in business casual clothing.   back to top

  • How many people are there on the Course?
    We strictly limit participant numbers to ensure each person receives the best training possible, but it does vary course to course. The maximum group size is 18.  back to top

  • What happens if someone needs to contact me during the Course?
    We kindly ask that you turn your mobile phone, pager or other communications device to silent during the day to avoid interrupting the learning of all participants. If you are expecting an urgent call, please notify one of your trainers and excuse yourself when taking the call. It is your responsibility to make up for any lost time missed because of external responsbilities.   back to top

  • Is lunch provided?
    Lunch is not provided but we do have subsidised restaurants on the campus where we provided the training.  back to top

  • Will I receive a copy of the Fostering Changes Manual?
    Yes, all facilitators who complete the 4 day facilitators course will receive their own copy of the newly revised Fostering Changes manual published 2011.  back to top

  • Where will my Course be held?
    We are delivering the 2016 courses at Kings College London.   back to top

  • Is there someone I can speak to regarding the Course?
    Our team of Facilitators are always happy to speak with you about either the Facilitators Course or the Fostering Changes Programme. Please call us on 020 7848 5845 and ask to speak with one of our facilitators   back to top

  • How do I book a place?
    Call us on the above number or email us: or or We will register your interest and send you an application form.  back to top

  • Who delivers the Facilitators Course?
    Our team of experienced, qualified and specialised Facilitators. They come from social work backgrounds and have worked in child and adolescent mental health settings. They helped to develop, deliver and write both the Fostering Changes Programme and the facilitators course.  back to top

  • Is there parking?
    It is easier to get to our venues by public transport. Parking is costly. However if you prefer or need to use your car please contact us and we can advise you on parking.  back to top

  • How do I find the venue?
    We will provide you with information of the venue location, including a map of the local area and any transport links in your joining instructions.   back to top

  • Can you cater for people with disabilities?
    Our venue is fully accessible. If you have a particular requirement please contact us and we will do everything we can to assist.  back to top

 What Carers say... 

Since doing the course I have become much calmer, I have more understanding. I do less talking and more listening. I have become stronger. With the kids, I feel I have become more positive. Things that would irritate me before, I now get over it. I am taking time to sit with the child and get to the bottom of it.

If I had this training many years ago, some of the placements I had, I would have kept them. Rather than saying I can't be bothered, I would have worked with it.

Since doing this course, my placement, any placement I should get, these kids are staying with me. Because now, I have ways of dealing with a situation.

As a new Foster Carer coming on this course has opened my eyes. I will spend more time with the children that come into my house. I will listen and take time for myself.

I am now well equipped with the tools and I am ready for the challenges. I don't think everything is just going to go smoothly, you have to try over and over to see the changes. I am seeing changes already.

My young person now listens to advice and instructions, she now maintains a curfew, her attitude has changed and even her appearance has improved.

I was on a downward spiral. The course has reinforced to praise and to continue to praise. I have learnt that you get so much more out of children if you don't constantly question them.

Things change, placements change, but I will take the skills I have learnt with me.

I listen more. Instead of giving orders, I ask, I use I messages and they are working.

For me, being here has made me more hopeful. I have seen changes in myself.

I have seen changes in my child. Before the course it was as if she didn't know what no means. All of a sudden it is as if she does understand. I have learnt how to deal with her. I have learnt how to talk to her, I have realised she is a person.

I have become more patient. Things that used to get on top of me don't now. Instead of focusing on the negative I look at the positive. Yes, this course is brilliant.

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